Monday, 18 May 2009


Merino is a sheep. He loves two things, to jump and to help other animals.
One day, Merino finds himself outside the farm he lives on, and quickly realizes he has the chance to do both the things he loves. Take part in Merinos incredible journey filled with adventure.stories of friendship and amazingly funny animals.

Markus Thorsen and Trine Mangersnes wrote and illustrated this book. They both studied at Edinburgh College of Art. That is in Scotland. They are not from there, they are from the right and left side of Norway. They love writing and and drawing stuff.They made the book especially for you.

Graphic designer

Monday, 11 May 2009

text + image
Trine Mangernes + Kat Eckert
Princess Group Therapy

“My name is Cinderella, and I’m a tormented princess.”
“Hi Cinderella.”

“Sleeping, yeah that’s a real tough life you’ve got there. I’m imprisoned in my own home, because my father is so over-protective. At least you get to wear a dress! I’m forced to parade around in a turquoise bikini. Why can’t I wear sweat pants, and a Yankees tee? Maybe plop in front of the TV, drink a few Coronas, smoke a cigarette, let myself go a little… but no, a princess can’t get fat. Allah forbid! At least I get a pet tiger – that’s pretty awesome (even if I am too terrified to go anywhere near it).”

This is from the Duo exhibition we are having at Forest Cafe (Edinburgh) at the moment. The illustrations are the result from a collaboration project, where I have been responding to the text "Princess Group Therapy" written byKat Eckert.
You can read more of the text written and see a closer view of the illustrations at
Illustrations and texts are collected in a book which can be seen here:

Eca Fashion Show

Here are some photos from the Fashion show.
I especially like the work by Swedish Hanna Forsgren , who uses weaving and knitting within her designs.


Here are a photo of the plates, showing the design I have been doing for product designer Thomas Payne. The plates are going for sale at Edinburgh design shop Moleta Munro; as part of a "New Souvenirs collection". You can see more of his collection at his web page:
The plates will also be displayed in the Degree show in end of June.

Lovely Edinburgh

Thursday, 7 May 2009

" Moose and the peculiar bird"

A few pages from the children's book i have been working on this year.