Monday, 11 May 2009

text + image
Trine Mangernes + Kat Eckert
Princess Group Therapy

“My name is Cinderella, and I’m a tormented princess.”
“Hi Cinderella.”

“Sleeping, yeah that’s a real tough life you’ve got there. I’m imprisoned in my own home, because my father is so over-protective. At least you get to wear a dress! I’m forced to parade around in a turquoise bikini. Why can’t I wear sweat pants, and a Yankees tee? Maybe plop in front of the TV, drink a few Coronas, smoke a cigarette, let myself go a little… but no, a princess can’t get fat. Allah forbid! At least I get a pet tiger – that’s pretty awesome (even if I am too terrified to go anywhere near it).”

This is from the Duo exhibition we are having at Forest Cafe (Edinburgh) at the moment. The illustrations are the result from a collaboration project, where I have been responding to the text "Princess Group Therapy" written byKat Eckert.
You can read more of the text written and see a closer view of the illustrations at
Illustrations and texts are collected in a book which can be seen here:

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